ownCloud Conference  2017

The event is all about you, the ownCloud community! Please feel free to talk about your favourite app, ownCloud installation, best practices or a proposal for future architecture. This is a Call for Papers, we are asking for your contribution to a great ownCloud community event.

There will be three different formats in the tracks:

  • 10 minutes lightning talks – this format is meant to highlight a new idea, show something cool, or to bring up a new topic to discuss later.
  • 45 minute tech talks –  This format is designed to explain or investigate a topic which needs more depth in discussion, a broader audience and of course some interactivity welcome.
  • Workshops with flexible length – this format is for hands on excercises–  to share knowledge, to learn, to try things.

Presentations can address all different areas of ownCloud, however, we first   and foremost welcome technical topics around code, as well as contributions about the social aspects of the project, community affairs or just free software in general.

Here are some areas where we would particularly welcome contributions. This list is meant to serve as inspiration but does not limit the possible topics we accept:

  • ownCloud core technologies on server and clients, such as file access, sharing, syncing
  • Aspects of ownCloud as an application platform: best practices, APIs, fancy project ideas
  • Scaling, deployment and updating: How do you grow big with ownCloud?
  • Integrations: ownCloud as a good citizen in other environments, or vice versa
  • Community: How to build a community around ownCloud

The audience will range from hobby code enthusiasts over many developers, designers and other creatives, to administrators, web activists and free software supporters, interested users, politicians and deciders.

There will be beginners, as well as professionals in attendance. And even though the ownCloud conference is a community event with no commercial background, we do consider commercial ownCloud users as community members and welcome their experiences stemming from installations within companies, education organisations and at service providers.


Please help to make the ownCloud Conference 2017 a huge success, and remember to post your proposal before September 1st.

For general information about the conference, see the conference pages.

Register for the conference here !