Learn and spread your knowlegde about deployment best practices, automation, backup, monitoring ...


Learn best practices for cloud storage, like ceph, s3, ec2, minio.......


Speed up your development game significantly with latest cloud tech. Learn and discover state of the art development environments and technologies in the cloud.


automated testing is the key to stable running software. Find out how others test their software and infrastruture.

We proudly present the first cloud camp hosted kindly by ownCloud

Designed as a Barcamp, meaning no fixed talks or sessions, we gather up to profit of each others knowledge and expertise in various fields and topics around modern web-, infrastructure, and development technologies.

We believe that DevOps-principals make you develop better software quicker and successful deployments are just a click away.

File Sharing, Online Collaboration, Monitoring, Security in the Cloud, Data Privacy, FaaS, Co-Location services, Cloud CostContainment, Hyperconverged infrastructure and blockchain storage are just some of the possible topics.

You are kindly invited to lead a session, discussion or whatever kind of format you choose to make to present an idea, solution, new shiny technology or whatever you can think of.

Please note:

This camp is supposed to cover all kinds of cloud technologies, talks don’t have to be related to ownCloud.

If you feel happier, or it is more convenient for you , please register on the openspacer.org platform for the ownCloud Cloud Camp. You can also add your session proposals there.

#CloudCamp17 on openspacer.org